Why Do People Have Sex? Here are 9 reasons why.

The Top 9 Reasons People Have Sex

Each person will give different answers to the questions: what is sex, what does it give a person and what is it for? But sex is not only a source of pleasure, the culmination of love, it is also a medicine…

According to scientists, the more often a man has sex, the higher his chances of becoming a long-liver. At the same time, sexual activity has a much stronger effect on life expectancy than, for example, the material situation of a person.

But the benefits of sex do not end there. There are studies showing that having sex regularly has beneficial effects on health.

Why Do People Have Sex? Here are 9 reasons why.

9 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

The likelihood of developing vascular and heart diseases decreases

Studies have shown that in men who have sex three times a week or more, the likelihood of stroke and heart attack is reduced by almost half compared to other people. 
Sex can also be a good "diagnostic tool" for cardiovascular disease. 
Difficulty with an erection of the penis may indicate that a person has diseased blood vessels. This may be the first sign of diabetes, hypertension, and atherosclerosis.

The sense of smell has improved

This is because, after sex, the release of the hormone prolactin increases, which stimulates the development of neurons, including those located at the center of the sense of smell.

Mood improves

This phenomenon can be explained not only by psychological satisfaction, but also by a change in the hormonal status of the body, due to the activation of certain centers of the brain.

Reduces weight 

In addition, sex is also a physical exercise. In an excited person, the pulse rate increases from 70 to 150 beats per minute, and one sexual intercourse burns about the same number of calories as 20 beats of running on a drill. 
Muscle contractions during sex strengthen the muscles in the thighs, pelvis, buttocks, arms and chest. Also, during intercourse, the hormone testosterone is released into the bloodstream, which has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system.

The likelihood of colds decreases

People who have regular sex have 30% more antibodies in their blood than abstinence supporters. Consequently, they are less likely to get sick with infectious diseases.

Pain sensitivity decreases

Before orgasm, the hormone oxytocin is released into the human bloodstream. Under its action, endorphins are formed, which have a powerful analgesic effect. In women, sex activates the synthesis of estrogen, which suppresses the pain associated with premenstrual syndrome.

The condition of the bladder improves

Sexual intercourse is an excellent "exercise" for the muscles of the bladder, which prevents the development of cystitis and other diseases.

The condition of the teeth improves

As scientists have found, most people try to brush their teeth before intercourse, which saves them from too frequent visits to the dentist.

The condition of the prostate gland improves

It is assumed that during the production of semen, many carcinogenic substances are released.

Extracted from the blood, which is then expelled from the body along with the sperm. Therefore, if a man often has sex, carcinogens do not have time to harm his prostate. And if he limits himself to sex, the likelihood of developing prostate cancer increases by almost 30%.

We can conclude that sex is not only an enjoyable activity, but also a useful one. But we should not forget that there are sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Therefore, you should not risk your health and the health of your partner in search of pleasure.

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